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Muncie Power Quarterly - Issue 2, 2014

Published Thursday, May 22, 2014 by Andrew Dawson

Elevating Efficiencies with Muncie’s Trunnion Cylinders

Nick Schmidt - Assistant to Product Manager

A new trunnion mount cylinder is available from Muncie Power Products that is more compact, faster, and stronger than the ones currently on the market. This unit does not require as large of a dog-house and, in some cases, does not require one at all, which gives the truck more hauling capacity.

The single-acting telescopic cylinders provide performance and value through advanced machining and the use of proprietary seals to deliver extended life without the need for adjustment.

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Homer Darnell - Field Technician Manager

Customer service starts over the phone. But what differentiates Muncie Power is that it doesn’t end there.

With hundreds of products in our portfolio, we know there will be times when nothing replaces human intervention and that’s why we staff our field service department like we do. When a problem cannot be solved over the phone, we go directly to the customer.

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Five Tips to Managing Success and Growth
Ray Chambers - Chairman, CEO & President

By now, your strategy for the year is in full swing. You are most likely busy implementing several related initiatives to support this strategy. Here are a few things I am trying to stay focused on at this point in the year.

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Rex Millspaugh - Warehouse Operations Manager

Muncie employees work at a fast pace to turnaround orders and meet or exceed customer expectations, but don’t think for a minute that work at Muncie Power is limited to terms like turnaround or customer demands. Employees are encouraged to take care of themselves and are given the tools to do so.“Muncie Power Products has bred that kind of determination and drive,” said Millspaugh. “The wellness. The empowerment. It’s part of what makes us better at work.”

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Technology Solutions Group: Innovative Systems
Terry Crago - Technology Solutions Group Manager

What are the primary goals of the Technology Solutions Group?

We create turnkey packages for customers. Muncie Power Products and its parent company, the Interpump Group, manufacture an array of components like pumps, cylinders, valves and power take-offs. My group integrates these components into entire systems, assembled and ready to use.

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