PTOs Available for Eaton Endurant & PACCAR Transmissions

TG Series

The most versatile and widely used double gear type PTO on the market, the TG Series is available in 7 speed ratios for the Eaton Endurant and PACCAR Transmission. The TG also features a lightweight housing, reduced noise and superior heat dissipation.

Order Code: TG8F-E80**-P1**

Max Torque

285 lbs.ft.

Max HP (@1000 RPM)

54 HP


22 lbs.

82 Series

Designed and built for heavy-duty applications, the 82 Series is available in 6 speed ratios* for the Eaton Endurant and PACCAR Transmission. The 82 Series is available in a cast iron housing with an air shift only option.

Order Code: 828F-E80**-T***

Max Torque

500 lbs.ft.

Max HP (@1000 RPM)

95 HP


85 lbs.

SH Series

Created to fill the gap between the TG and 82 Series, the SH Series is an air shift only power take-off designed for high-torque applications. The SH Series is an easy-to-mount PTO with an integral air shift design and high-torque capacity..

Order Code: SH8F-E80**-P1**

Max Torque

400 lbs.ft.

Max HP (@1000 RPM)

76 HP


35 lbs.

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