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Muncie Directional Control Valves

Take control of your hydraulic systems with Muncie’s new line of directional control valves. Our V080 and V130 directional control valves are constructed with high grade iron castings and nickel-plated spools for use in high pressure applications, and can be configured with many different spool, control, and positioner options. These unique products offer better performance in a customizable and compact package

Muncie Power Products takes pride in supplying the work truck industry with the highest quality products and outstanding service & support. The V080 and V130 can be configured with custom options and controls, so if you don’t see what you need here, call today and let us put you in control of your hydraulic systems.

Choose which valve series best fits your application needs, or use our Valve Designer tool to spec out your valve.

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Quick Specs:

  • Flow Capacity: Nominal - 21GPM (80LPM), Maximum: 30GPM (114LPM)
  • MAX Pressure:  1 - 3 Sections: 5075 PSI (350 BAR), 4 - 6 Sections: 4650 PSI (320 BAR), 7 - 10 Sections: 4350 PSI (300 BAR)

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Quick Specs:

  • Flow Capacity: Nominal - 34GPM (130LPM), Maximum: 55GPM (208LPM)
  • MAX Pressure:  1 - 3 Sections: 5440 PSI (375 BAR), 4 - 6 Sections: 5075 PSI (350 BAR), 7 - 10 Sections: 4710 PSI (325 BAR)


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