Completing the hydraulic system

April 26, 2019
Mike Herrmann - Business Development Director - Hose and Fittings


In the hose and fittings industry now for over 18 years, Mike Herrmann is excited to bring hydraulic hose and fittings to Muncie Power Products’ cus­tomers. Joining Muncie Power in November of 2018 as the Business Development Director – Hose and Fittings, Herrmann quickly understood that we have a unique line of products that create solutions for both distribu­tion channels and OEMs without creating the need to settle.

Herrmann began his career within the fluid power industry with Eaton Corporation. While at Eaton, he held numerous roles including customer support, project manager, technical support for hose and fittings, account manager, and business development manager. Herrmann quickly grew fond of this industry saying, “The thing I like most about working in the hydraulic hose and fittings market is the people. I find the industry is a very hard working group of individuals that work hard every day to create solutions for customers and markets. It is exciting to see the technology that can be utilized in fluid power to increase efficiencies and create products that can make the world a better place for everyone.”

Herrmann is now gearing up to bring a new hose and fittings product portfolio to the vocation­al truck industry by bringing the Interpump Fluid Solutions product line over to North America. For more than 30 years, Interpump Fluid Solutions has been a leading producer of high-quality hose and fittings. Formerly known as I.M.M. Hydraulics, Interpump Fluid Solutions is a sister company to Muncie Power, who are both part of the multinational Interpump Group.

...our service levels will far exceed that of our competitors."

When asked what sets our product line apart from others he noted, “Our service levels will far exceed that of our competitors, feeding off the service that Muncie Power has always provided to its distributors. Oh, and by the way, we have a line of products that is just as good as, if not superior to the majority of our competitors.”

While this product line may be new to North America, the quality is top notch as one of the few organizations who manufacture everything to fit together. That’s right. The hose, fittings, and crimpers are all manufactured by Interpump and engineered to work together.

For Muncie Power, this new line completes the hydraulic system. Muncie Power offers everything from the power take-off and pump, to the reservoir, to the actuators. All it was missing was hydraulic hose to connect the components. While Muncie Power’s focus will remain within the vocational truck market, these products will serve numerous other industries and applications including off-shore and agriculture as well as high and low temperature applications.

“The Muncie Power brand of hose and fittings should bring a value that some of the large manufactures are not always able to provide. A very competitive price, service levels that far exceed, same as and in some cases better product performance, and a product depth that is ‘perfect’ for the application on OEM platforms,” Herrmann said about the value this product line can bring to a variety of markets.

The product offering is extensive, including hydraulic hose and fittings from ¼" to 3", from low pressure to extremely high pressure, and numerous non-hydraulic hoses, such as waterblast and pressure washing.

These products are now available in North America with stocking locations in both Muncie, Indiana, and Houston, Texas, and Muncie Power is seeking distribution partners.