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  • A30 Series New Constant Drive Pto For Medium And Heavy Duty Applications

A30 Series: New constant drive PTO for medium- and heavy-duty applications

June 15, 2021
Andrew Dawson – Manager – Marketing & Advertising

Muncie Power Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the A30 Series continuous duty power take-off, boasting an improved torque ratings for medium and heavy-duty applications.

The A30 Series is a 10-bolt, constant drive PTO designed to fit Allison 3000 and 4000 Series transmissions. There have been various improvements that include maximized gear design for noise reduction, tapered roller bearings for longer life, and a new rotatable pump flange for easier installation.

Additional key features include an increased input shaft diameter to increase life and durability, three assembly arrangements, and it is compatible with Muncie Power’s EX Drive shaft extension, which allows larger pumps to be mounted directly.

The A30 Series is applicable for refuse trucks, cranes, snow plows, and cement mixers as well as some other applications that require continuous duty cycles.