V080 Hybrid System

This unique circuit design optimizes operations with full flow but also insures cylinders and spreader operations can work together when required. It is all-automatic. Paired with our entry level electronic controls for a customized and budget conscience solution.

  • Optimizes operation with full flow and flow sharing capabilities
  • Plow and Hoist Functionality
    • Proportional cable control or air control cylinders
    • Configurable spools for all common applications
    • Easy to use, setup and install
  • Spreader Control
    • Save salt / save money – electronic spreader system with groundspeed control
    • Compatible with all common v-body and tailgate spreaders (stainless steel enclosure)
    • Smart flow technology – keep the spreader running when the cylinders are actuated
Installation Instructions
  • Optimize Snow and Ice Operations with V080 Hybrid
    Whitney VanKlaveren – Marketing Communications Coordinator

Hydraulic Performance

  • Maximum pressure – 3000 PSI (adjustable)
  • Maximum flow – 24 GPM / nominal flow – 21 GPM
  • Auger flow: 0 – 15 GPM
  • Spinner flow: 0 – 15 GPM
  • Cylinder flow: 0 – 20 GPM

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