Conventional Systems

Muncie Power's conventional stack valve systems are professionally designed and assembled to meet the specific requirements of snow and ice control vehicles. The enclosure includes a sealed compartment which contains the directional control and spreader valves and liquid pump if desired. The unit can be configured to include any combination of valves and is preplumbed to simplify installation. Use with PTO-driven, crankshaft, or belt-driven pumps. Valves can be open or closed center type. 

  • Prewired, preplumbed, preassembled
  • No in-cab hydraulics
  • Designed for simultaneous cylinder and spreader operation
  • Environmentally sealed for maximum protection
  • Simple, yet rugged and dependable
  • Built for your individual fleet needs
  • Baffled oil reservoir
  • Accepts open center or load sense valves
  • Sensor warning kit available
  • Accepts sealed cable, lever type in-cab controls with console
  • Central Hydraulic Enclosure Systems for Snow and Ice Control
Installation Instructions
  • HF136735-19 Installation Instructions and Owner's Manual

Stack Valves

  • Valves are mounted upright for superior serviceability
  • Systems are compatible with Gear or Piston Pumps
  • Multiple spool options are available for a variety of applications and flow rates.
  • Electric, Cable, or Air shift available. Shift towers can be assembled with Single and Dual Axis controls.

Spreader Manifolds

  • Muncie offers multiple tiers of spreader packages that can be incorporated into the system.
  • Conventional systems are designed specifically for your application needs

Spreader Packages

  • Advantage+ - Advanced Technology.
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity & GPS Data-Logging
    • Vivid Touch Screen
    • Real Time Support Link
    • Ground Speed Control
    • Compatible with Anti-Icing Systems
    • Add-On Pre-wet / Anti-Icing functionality
    • Reliable Spreader Performance
  • MESP 300 - Entry Level Electronic Spreader Package
    • Ground Speed Control
    • Easy to Operate / Setup
    • Backlit Controls
    • Reliable Spreader Performance
  • Manual - Basic Spreader Solution
    • Easy to Operate
    • Reliable Spreader Performance
    • Straight or NPT thread

Cylinder Controls

  • Joystick
    • Can control multiple pieces of equipment
    • Reliable Control - Dual Channel
    • Proportional (feathering)
    • Deadman trigger for safety
  • Push Button Control
    • Multiple configurations
    • Backlit
    • Configurable
  • Control Towers
    • Compatible with Air and Cable Shift Valves
    • Provides Proportional Valve Control
    • Reliable performance
    • Single and Dual Axis
    • Center locking and detent options available

Tank Enclosures

  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Powder coated or stainless steel

Separate Reservoirs

  • 15, 25, 35 gallon & custom sizes are available
  • Aluminum, powder coated, stainless steel

The Muncie Power Products Snow & Ice System (the “System”) is warranted against any defect in material and workmanship which existed at the time of sale by Muncie Power Products, according to the following provisions, subject to the requirements that the System, and component parts thereof, must be used only in accordance with catalogue and package instructions.

With the exception of specific component parts of the System that may have a longer or more extensive warranty, the System, and the components thereof, is warranted for a period of one year from the date of sale. If during the warranty period the System, or a component thereof, fails to operate to Muncie Power Products' specifications due to a defect in any part in material or workmanship that existed at the time of sale by Muncie Power Products, the defective part will be repaired or replaced, at Muncie Power Products' election, at no charge, if the defective part is returned to Muncie Power Products with transportation prepaid.

WARNING: The above warranty shall terminate if any alterations or repairs are made to the System, or a component thereof, other than alterations or repairs made by Muncie Power Products, or if the System is used on any equipment other than the equipment upon which it is first installed.

The foregoing warranty is in lieu of, and Muncie Power Products expressly disclaims, all other obligations and liabilities, including negligence and all warranties of merchantability and suitability, expressed or implied. The foregoing warranty states Muncie Power Products' entire and exclusive liability and buyer's exclusive remedy for any claim of damages in connection with the sale, repair or replacement of the System or its component parts, their design, installation or operation. Muncie Power Products will in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever, and our liability under no circumstances will exceed the contract price for the goods for which liability is claimed

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