How to Deliver Great Customer Service

April 30, 2018
Paul Frazee - Customer Service Director

A statistic shared in an infographic by Invesp gets to the heart of the value proposition behind customer service: The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times that of retaining an existing one. At Muncie Power Products, we succeed by forming a bond with our customers – to not do this would be a great disservice.

Good customer service is essentially a variation on the golden rule: Meet the same expectations you would have if you were the customer. The basic things will never change; if our customers believe that they're being remembered and are known to the company, that will have a positive impact on their disposition toward the organization.

Providing good customer service is often a matter of common sense, but that doesn't mean it comes naturally to all customer service people. For some, in fact, it means behaving differently than they do in other situations. But if you treat all people inside or outside the business the same, you will provide better customer service. Here at Muncie Power, we value our customers and hope to take care of them for a very long time.

The words that follow are a guide to what we, in Muncie Power’s Customer Service Department, do to provide excellent customer service – which could apply to those in customer service roles within other organizations too:

• Great customer service begins with you
• Foster a culture of customer service
• Employees are customers, too
• Emphasize the long-term relationships
• Build trust
• Listen
• Sometimes it's the little things that matter
• If you can't help a customer, find someone who can
• Show your appreciation
• Treat your customers with respect

Paul Frazee - Customer Service Director