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Low Speed High Torque Motors Line Expanded with MH Series

April 07, 2017
Whitney VanKlaveren

Muncie Power Products, Inc. has expanded its line of low speed high torque motors with its latest addition – the MH Series.

The MH Series low speed high torque motor is available in 16 displacement sizes. Its roller gerotor design reduces sliding friction between the rotor and stator. The roller gerotor design provides smooth performance, high efficiency and durability for low speed operation.

It features a high-pressure shaft, which offers superior life and performance. The motor’s spool valve design gives smooth operation over a wide speed and torque range. In addition, the MH Series has a three-pressure zone design that provides lower case pressure and extended shaft seal life.

The MH Series can be used essentially with any equipment that requires rotary power including augers and food-processing equipment. It can be used for anything from agricultural equipment to construction and the vocational truck industry.