M-Power Makes Product Configuration Simple

February 03, 2015
Whitney Rodeffer

Muncie Power Products, Inc. continues to expand and improve its innovative product configuration tool, M-Power. 

M-Power is an online application tool designed to assist customers with product configuration in order to find the appropriate products based on customer need.  Beyond product configuration, M-Power gives customers the ability to view pricing, crossover products and use many other resources at their convenience. 

As new products are released and changes occur, M-Power is updated with new selections and features to make product configuration easy and accurate. 

M-Power does not require you to log in; however, accounts can be created to save product selections for sharing, easy ordering and future reference.

While the software application has been created for easy, customer use, those wishing to speak with a Muncie Power representative may still do so by calling Muncie Power’s toll free number.

For more information about the M-Power software application or to begin your product configuration, please visit www.munciepower.com/mpower or contact customer service at 1-800-367-7867.