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  • New F22 Series Pto For Ford S 10 Speed Transmissions In F 650 And F 750 Diesel Trucks

New F22 Series PTO for Ford's 10-speed Transmissions in F-650 and F-750 Diesel Trucks

February 23, 2023
Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist

An image rendering of the F22 Series PTO that is blue in color.

Muncie Power Products is excited to announce the release of the F22 Series power take-off, designed specifically for Ford’s 10R140 Series transmission for model year 2024 Ford F-650 & F-750 diesel trucks.

The F22 Series features patented noise abatement technology that uses springs to create a sliding mechanism to reduce gear noise. The clutch shift power take-off has a unique 8-bolt mounting pattern specifically for Ford’s transmission.

Along with the release of the F22 Series comes the new Muncie Power PTO RPM Control Module, which provides a plug & play installation, and allows easy RPM adjustment via buttons—removing the potentiometer. An LED—on the back of the module—will provide diagnostic information to better diagnose any issues that may arise in the install process.

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Additional benefits the F22 Series provides are the utilization of the full transmission torque capacity up to 300 lbs.ft., both direct mount and round shaft output options, and it’s compatible with the innovative Muncie Start® to eliminate torque spikes.

This power take-off is compatible with five pump options—including Muncie Power’s S Series hoist pump for single or tandem axel dump trucks.

The F22 Series is applicable for a number of markets including tow and recovery, refuse, dump, utility, and snow plows.