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New L125 Post-compensated, Sectional, Load Sense Valve

July 14, 2017
Whitney VanKlaveren

Muncie Power Products, Inc. has expanded its valve line with a new post-compensated, sectional, load-sense valve – the L125.

A 33 GPM nominal flow rate valve, the L125’s inlet is capable of a maximum of 40 GPM and its work sections a maximum of 26.4 GPM.

The L125 features good flow sharing parameters and multiple spool flow options. Electrohydraulic and manual shift versions are available.

Muncie Power’s new L125 post-compensated, sectional, load-sense valve is suitable for the utility, agriculture, snow and ice and refuse markets in addition to specific applications such as truck-mounted cranes, forestry cranes and plow and spreader functions.