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  • The P58 Series Pto For The Paccar Tx 8 Transmission

The P58 Series PTO for the Paccar TX-8 transmission

September 21, 2022
Jim Abbott – Product Planning and Application Engineer

The Muncie Power P58 Series power take-off (PTO) is now available for the PACCAR TX-8 transmission.

The PACCAR TX-8 is a medium-duty, automatic transmission available only in PACCAR trucks. The PTO opening is a proprietary 8-bolt pad, located on both sides of the transmission. The transmission is manufactured by ZF, and will have a ZF tag on the transmission with POWERLINE listed as the model.

Trucks must be ordered with the correct PTO prep codes in order to have correct PTO capability.


Basic specifications for the P58 Series PTO:

  • 420 lbs.ft. continuous/intermittent torque rating
  • 121% of engine speed
  • Air shift only
  • Available for right or left hand opening (dual PTO applications not permitted at this time)
  • Available with SAE B 2- and 4-bolt, DIN 5462, or 1310 companion flange outputs


Please note that direct mount hydraulic pumps over 20 lbs. (including hoses, fittings, etc.) will require a pump support bracket.

Stationary and crawl modes are the only available PTO modes at this time. Mobile mode is not available.

The transmission can only support a single PTO. Applications using two PTOs are not permitted.

For information on installation: