Higher torque ratings for medium-duty applications

April 29, 2019

Cover Story in Muncie Power Quarterly, Issue 1, 2019


Higher Torque Ratings


Muncie Power’s Titan® MC1 Series power take-off is the first in the company’s lineup of Titan Class power take-offs to be released.

The Titan MC1 is a medium-duty, 10-bolt clutch shift PTO designed to fit Allison 3000/4000 Series transmissions. Applicable within nearly any market using a Class 6 to Class 8 truck with an automatic transmission, the Titan MC1 sets itself apart from the fold with higher torque ratings.

Across its nine speed ratios, the Titan MC1 features higher torque ratings for medium-duty applications with a maximum 415 lbs.ft. intermittent/continuous-duty rating. No derating is required for continuous-duty applications with the Titan MC1’s single torque rating for both intermittent and continuous duty.


Speed Ratio Intermittent/Continuous HP
@ 1,000 RPM
Torque lbs.ft
Intermittent (KW)
@ 1,000 RPM
Torque (NM)
05 77 400 (57) (542)
06 77 400 (57) (542)
07 79 415 (59) (563)
08 69 360 (51) (488)
09 65 340 (48) (461)
10 59 310 (44) (420)
11 52 275 (39) (373)
12 50 265 (37) (359)
15 39 205 (29) (278)
Approximate Weight 42.7 lbs. (21.4 Kg.)


Titan MC1 vs. CS24/25

In a torque match up between the Titan MC1 and its predecessor, the CS24/25, the MC1 wins with higher torque ratings. These higher torque ratings allow the Titan MC1 to expand its application reach to support higher torque applications not generally seen with a medium-duty PTO.

Titan MC1  CS24/25
  • 415 lbs.ft. maximum intermittent/continuous-duty rating 
  • Maximum 325 lbs.ft. intermittent / 228 lbs.ft. continuous-duty rating
  • Single torque rating for intermittent/continuous duty 
  • Intermittent duty must be derated for continuous duty
  • Ground gears
  • Cut gears
  • Larger output shaft from a heavier duty PTO
  • Traditional output shaft from medium-duty PTO

A Competitive Advantage - Higher Torque Ratings

The Titan MC1's design allows for the power take-off to support higher torque applications not generally seen with a medium-duty PTO. This ability to support higher torque applications is the result of ground gears and a larger output shaft allowing the MC1 to handle the higher torque demands upon the PTO with its durability and strength.

How are the gears and output shaft of the Titan MC1 different?

The Titan MC1 uses all ground gears within its construction unlike the CS24/25. Grinding gears produces very precise gear tooth geometry, which results in better gear quality.


Output Shaft

Beyond better gears, the Titan MC1 features a substantially larger output shaft compared to its predecessor. The MC1 takes an output shaft from a heavier duty power take-off and uses it to accommodate its larger, improved tapered roller bearings as well as achieve the durability and strength to withstand higher torque ratings.