PTO Life Just Got Longer

February 25, 2019
Jim Abbott - Product and Applications Engineer

Cover Story in Muncie Power Quarterly, Issue 1, 2019


Longer Life


Muncie Power’s Titan® MC1 Series power take-off is the first in the company’s lineup of Titan Class power take-offs to be released.
The Titan MC1 is a medium-duty, 10-bolt clutch shift PTO designed to fit Allison 3000/4000 Series transmissions. Applicable within nearly any market using a Class 6 to Class 8 truck with an automatic transmission, the Titan MC1 sets itself apart from the fold with increased durability for a longer life expectancy.
A number of product enhancements are incorporated into the Titan MC1 using better manufacturing techniques. These enhancements contribute to a more durable, robust power take-off built to better withstand wear and tear for a longer life expectancy. The Titan MC1 is suited for the dump; fire and rescue; refuse; utility; tow and recovery; snow and ice; and bulk hauling markets. Due to its enhancements, the Titan MC1’s durability and life expectancy surpasses that of other truck-mounted power take-offs currently on the market. 

Improved Tapered Roller Bearings

The Titan MC1 uses tapered roller bearings in both its input and output shaft. These improved tapered roller bearings are larger and more robust than those previously used in legacy products like the CS24/25. While the CS24/25 uses tapered roller bearings in its input shaft, it does not within its output shaft. Instead, the CS24/25 uses ball bearings.

Improved tapered roller bearings provide substantially increased life over ball bearings, contributing to the Titan MC1's longer service life. These bearings are more power dense than ball bearings providing greater bearing capacity in a smaller space.


Internally Pressure-lubricated Bearings

Another key enhancement of the Titan MC1 is its internally pressure-lubricated bearings, which the CS24/25 doesn't have. This means that unlike the CS24/25, the Titan MC1 has internal passageways running through each bearing in order to ensure that each is lubricated with oil. The CS24/25's bearings instead are lubricated solely via the oil sprayed onto the PTO's gears, which is also standard in the Titan MC1. Internal, pressure lubrication, however, makes the bearings last longer and keeps them cooler. 


Reduced Leak Points

Reduced leak points are a result of the Titan MC1's single hose connection. Unlike the Titan MC1, the CS24/25 has two hose connections. More connections means more potential leak points.


Other New Enhancements

The Titan MC1 also features additional enhancements including an improved clutch pack design, increase input shaft diameter and a maximized gear design. All of these new enhancements work together to create a PTO with greater durability and strength to last the life of the truck transmission. 


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Available with Muncie Start®

Muncie Start is an electronically controlled, modulated clutch engagement system from Muncie Power Products that eliminates torque spikes through the power take-off, truck drivetrain and mounted auxiliary equipment upon startup for high-inertia loads. Allowing for a smooth engagement of the power take-off, Muncie Start increases the life of the PTO and driven mechanical components. Muncie Start is available for the Titan MC1.
Use shift code:
SX - Muncie Start (12VDC Integral)
SR - Muncie Start (12VDC Remote Mount)



Configure a MC1 PTO