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Revolutionize Fleet Operation with the Advantage+ System

September 01, 2015
Whitney Rodeffer

Muncie Power Products, Inc. revolutionizes fleet operation and maintenance with its Advantage+ snow and ice control system.

The Advantage+ system provides real time support, better technology, cost savings and ergonomic controls in a compact package.

Muncie Power’s Advantage+ system features a Wi-Fi powered, real time support link with the ability to remotely view hydraulic system information. This support link allows Muncie Power engineers to electronically adjust valves and system parameters in real time to keep trucks on the road.

The system features revolutionary snow and ice technology with its smart phone/tablet app. Available for Android devices, the app gives supervisors the ability to change system settings and view remote operations for setup, troubleshooting and data logging. Through data logging capabilities, monitor where the truck has traveled and spreader rates and totals.

The Advantage+ is available only through authorized distributors.