Key Contacts
  • Noel Bartlett
    Zone Sales Manager (AZ, NV, Southern CA)
  • Brian Burt
    Zone Sales Manager (NY, NJ, NH, RI, ME, MA, VT, CT)
  • Aaron Clevenger
    Zone Sales Manager (IN, IL, KY, MI)
  • Robert Doucett
    Zone Sales Manager (WI, MN, SD, ND)
  • Fred Feick
    Export Sales Director
  • Randy Fowler
    Snow and Ice Sales Director
  • Chris Hendrick
    Zone Sales Manager (NC, SC, TN, WV, VA)
  • Mike Krieger
    Market Specialist - Truck Crane, Utility and Service Bodies
  • Pat Lucas
    Zone Sales Manager (WA, OR, ID, AK, Northern/Central NV, Northern/Central CA)
  • Kurt Polsley
    International Sales Director
  • Arturo Ramirez
    Zone Sales Manager - Mexico
  • Mike Rasnick
    Director - USA Sales
  • Josh Reimer
    Market Specialist - Dump Truck, Tow and Recovery
  • Dennis Robertson
    Zone Sales Manager (AR, MS, AL, GA)
  • Steve Smith
    Market Specialist - Fire and Rescue, Vacuum/Sewer and Street Sweeper
  • Randy Sorrentino
    Zone Sales Manager (MT, WY, UT, CO, NM, North TX)
  • John Volker
    Market Specialist - Snow and Ice
  • Karen Alexander
    Customer Service Manager
  • Jim Archambault
    Distribution Center Manager, Houston
  • Kyle Beaty
    Assistant Customer Service Director
  • Joe Carroll
    Customer Service Manager
  • Chuck Cole
    Product Application Specialist
  • Paul Frazee
    Customer Service Director
  • Skylar Furney
    Customer Service Manager
  • Ben Gillum
    Warranty & Returns Manager
  • Mike Heskett
    Customer Service Manager
  • Don Hubbard
    Customer Service Manager
  • Bud Hummler
    Distribution Center Manager, Columbus
  • Alan Kitchens
    Distribution Center Manager, Atlanta
  • Mike Knox
    Snow and Ice Control Systems
  • Mark Lake
    Customer Service Manager
  • David Moore
    Distribution Center Manager, Richmond
  • Roger Phillips
    Customer Service Manager, Atlanta
  • Craig Reeder
    Customer Service Manager
  • Mike Runkel
    Customer Service Manager
  • Bruce Schrack
    Distribution Center Manager, Philadelphia
  • Andrew Slagel
    Snow & Ice Application Engineering Technologist
  • Gary Stephens
    Product Application Specialist
  • Sandra Thompson
    Gerente de Servicio al Cliente Internacional - International Customer Service Manager - Bilingue: Espanol - Ingles
  • Steve Wagner
    Customer Service Manager
  • Gretchen Walters
    Customer Service Representative