Combo Kit II Series Wet Line Kit

Combo Kits are designed for dual use applications involving a standard dump trailer in conjunction with Walking Floor, live bottom, or ejector type trailers. Combo Kits include a special high pressure, continuous duty pump; a 50 gallon steel reservoir; high volume filter; and reservoir-mounted directional control valve.

  • Heavy duty gear pump: Rated for long duty cycles
  • High capacity directional valve: Use with dump applications to provide fast cycle times
  • Reservoir-mounted directional valve: Simplifies installation
  • Dual position pressure relief valve: System protection for both applications
  • Air shift PTO and directional valve: Ease of operation
  • High volume filter: System cleanliness and longer life
  • Easy switching: Dual applications for wet line kits
    Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Reservoir: 50 gallon steel
  • Pump: Gear type
  • Directional Valve: Reservoir mounted
  • Filter: Reservoir mounted

No warranty information at this time.