Polyethylene Reservoirs

Our polyethylene reservoirs are available in box and upright design and are designed for easy installation. Polyethylene tanks are intended for use in intermittent-duty applications where heat buildup is not an issue. These reservoirs are light enough to ship via U.P.S., yet still strong enough to have a greater impact resistance than metal reservoirs. Molded in one piece, the polyethylene reservoirs are designed to prevent leaks, stress cracks and contamination from welding slag.

  • Extended warranty on wet line system components when using the polyethylene reservoir: Improved warranty because the contaminates are not bred in the reservoir or found there as a result of reservoir fabrication 
  • Lifetime warranty on polyethylene reservoir: Improved longevity
  • Return line diffusers (slow the speed of returning oil): Helps prevent aeration, promotes settling of contaminants
  • Polyethylene reservoirs (perfect for intermittent applications): Save weight and eliminate the risk of contamination from corrosion
Installation Instructions
  • Installation Instructions for 35 Gallon Polyethylene Reservoir
  • Installation Instructions for 50 and 75 Gallon Upright Poly Tanks
  • Installation Instructions for 50 Gallon SideMount Polyethylene Tank
  • Custom hydraulic reservoirs for your application needs
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  • Hydraulic Reservoirs: Customized for You
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  • Comprehensive Line of Premium Quality Hydraulic Reservoirs
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 Box Models
P035B2AAGFN 35 GAL. 2 - 21"L X 23"W X 21.75"H 37 LBS
P035B2AAGNY 35 GAL. 2 STND. 21"L X 23"W X 21.75"H 30 LBS
P050B2AAGXY 50 GAL. 2 - 31"L X 23"W X 22"H 55 LBS
Upright Models Volume Ports Filter Dimensions Weight
P050U2AAGXY 50 GAL. 2 - 36.4"L X 14.5"W X 27.75"H 67 LBS
P075U2AAGXY 75 GAL. 2 - 46.5"L X 18"W X 34.5"H 67 LBS
Notes: 1. Standard port size is 2” NPT. 2. Weight includes mounting kit.

The Muncie polyethylene hydraulic oil reservoir, when used with the complete Muncie tractor wet line kit and hoses, is warranted from the time it is first installed upon the equipment and ends upon the first change of ownership of the equipment. If during that period the reservoir fails to hold oil due to a defect in material or workmanship that existed when sold by Muncie, according to the following provisions, subject to the requirements that the reservoir must be used only in accordance with catalog and package instructions, the reservoir will be replaced at no charge if returned with transportation prepaid. Heat related failures are not covered by this warranty. This warranty only applies to the product when used on a dump trailer application. Use on other applica­tions (i.e.: transfer trailers, moving floors, Lowboy, pump/motor, etc.) will negate this standard warranty. All accessory components such as nuts, bolts, brackets, hoses, etc., have a limited one year warranty.