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6 easy steps to rotate the flange on the new A20 Series PTO

March 05, 2021
Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist


With the release of the A20 Series PTO came a new unique, rotatable flange. Most notably, this rotatable flange is independent of the seals—meaning it is easily adjustable without any concern of damaging the shaft seal—and it provides optimal clearance for easier installation.

It is a pretty simple process to rotate the new flange:


1. Remove the four bolts 


2. Remove the metal ring and place the flange back on the PTO 


3. Rotate the flange to the ideal position (shown here is P3) 


4. Place the metal ring back into position 


5. Place the four bolts back into position


6. Properly torque the four bolts to 22 ft.lbs. 


To determine your flange position code, find the letter that is centered with a set of dots. There are 30 different positions you can set the flange to—allowing more flexibility with the pump mounting flange on the PTO.

If you have multiple trucks that will require the PTO to have the same position code you can easily match the desired arrangement before continuing installation.

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Or, if you know you’ll be ordering PTOs with the same arrangement, you can order a PTO with the specific position code. Simply add the position code to the end of the A20 Series PTO part number and the flange will be set and shipped to your preferred arrangement. If you are unsure of the ideal arrangement you can also have it shipped loose and set the arrangement before, during, or after installing it.

Check out the different position codes:

Shown below is an example of an A20 part number. The portion of the part number in red is the flange position code.

To view the various position code possibilities, select an opening and click on the photo to view a position code up close.

A20 - A10 07 - HX 3 BB PX - XX