Crossing over a power take-off

June 07, 2018
Andrew Dawson - Manager Marketing & Advertising

Featured in Muncie Power Quarterly, Issue 4, 2018

Updated September 17, 2020

Let’s be honest, with so many different work truck transmission options and application requirements, spec’ing out a power take-off (PTO) can be challenging at times. However, often even more challenging is trying to cross over PTOs from one manufacturer to another.

The model numbers from manufacturer to manufacturer are very different. Of course, there is generally always a good reason for each company’s product number configuration and, once you understand it, you can work through configuring their entire product portfolio.

Every manufacturer uses different model numbers and option configurations for their PTOs. Not only are the actual codes different, but they often vary in length and in order. This certainly makes it challenging if you are not fluent in each manufacturer’s model number construction.

So what is the best way to effectively cross over a PTO?

Well, the most effective way is to reconfigure the PTO requirements with the manufacturer you are crossing over to. For a quick reminder, here is what you need to know to accomplish this:

  1. Transmission make and model 
  2. Which PTO aperture will be used
  3. Speed requirement of the driven component and or the PTO percentage
  4. Required direction of rotation of the PTO shaft
  5. Torque and horsepower requirement
  6. If the driven component is a direct-mounted pump, you need the dimensions of the mounting face and shaft dimensions of the pump
  7. How the PTO will be engaged 

Yes, that is a lot, but we have a great tool to make this configuration easy: Our PTO designer tool will quickly walk you through each of these steps for Muncie Power PTOs.

But, if this tool doesn’t meet your needs, there is an even easier way. We have an in-depth crossover tool that allows you to easily cross over any PTO to the closest Muncie Power PTO match. It’s simple, head on over to our Competitor Crossover tool and follow these easy steps.

1. Choose the manufacturer you want to cross over from the available drop-down box


2. Enter the model number of the PTO you wish to cross over into the available fields

    a. As soon as you enter the first four characters you will see the Muncie Power model number begin to populate 
    b. If you enter a configuration that does not cross over a notification will appear
    c. The crossover tool will provide important notes as needed

3. Click Price PTO button to view list price

It’s really that easy!

It’s always important to review the final model number configuration to make sure it will fulfill your needs. For reference, here is how Muncie Power PTO model numbers are configured:

If you want to learn more about the product your previous PTO crosses over to, the best place to go is to the product page of the Muncie Power PTO model that was provided. The easiest way to find that product is to click on our Power Take-off menu option, then select All Power Take-offs from the drop down. This will give you a listing of all Muncie Power PTOs, and you can filter by using the search bar directly above.

As always, if you have any questions, or have trouble crossing over your PTO, please call our customer service team at 1-800-367-7867.


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