Easily protect your hydraulic system

November 02, 2022
Breanna Daugherty – Marketing Communications Specialist

When configuring a work truck, it is always best practice for installers to consider equipment limitations and ways to prevent unintentional damage.   

Damage to equipment often occurs when auxiliary equipment such as a power take-off (PTO) or clutch pump is operated beyond certain operational parameters. Depending upon the design limitations, exceeding certain PTO speed thresholds can subsequently overspeed pump flow into a system also resulting in catastrophic system damage.

Muncie Power has a simple device to prevent these scenarios from occurring.         


The SPD-2000

The SPD-2000 is available in four configurations, compatible with 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems, and capable of sourcing up to 5 amps continuous duty.

This new module includes one configuration to directly interface to any chassis that is equipped with an OBD II port for easier wiring (e.g. all class 5 chassis and up to Medium Duty Ford chassis). This setup allows the user to preconfigure the module from a PC to directly set the RPM and MPH thresholds for faster setup (no tap-to-program calibration needed). 

Features of the new SPD-2000

  • Senses engine speed or RPM signal and automatically disengages clutch shift pump or PTO in the event of an overspeed condition.
  • IP68 sealed housing can be mounted in the cab or engine compartment.
  • Easily interface safety interlocks with the module to provide additional system protection. Switches are not included with the unit.
  • Plug and play wiring option available for all Class 5 chassis (all Ford chassis) equipped with OBD II port, enabling the module to directly sense MPH or RPM from the chassis.
  • No special tools are required to configure
  • Module is compatible with 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems.
  • Retrofit kit available to replace SPD-1001D module to SPD-2000 module.


What is a system protection device?

To help prevent damage to the PTO or clutch pump, Muncie Power developed this system protection device (SPD) to monitor and protect the components.

The first iteration of this device was the SPD-1001. Since then, Muncie Power has improved upon the innovative safety module to create the SPD-2000.

This fail-safe device can protect auxiliary systems based on the state of interlocks, truck speed, brake activation, engine RPM, outrigger position, and more. This sealed, overspeed protection device is programmable, can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle cab, and is available for a wide range of applications that utilize a clutch shift PTO.

This allows the operator to focus on the job while the clutch shift PTO or clutch pump is being controlled by the SPD to protect the equipment.



Why system protection devices are important

System protection devices, like the SPD-2000, control and monitor a clutch shift PTO or clutch pump to protect the entire system. The SPD-2000 protects the equipment as a whole by offering overspeed protection and limiting the usage of electrically controlled systems of the PTO or clutch pump based on set parameters for efficient operation.

Failing to control or monitor the parameters of your clutch shift PTO or clutch pump can cause catastrophic damage to these components and the hydraulic system as a whole.

When damage occurs due to a lack of focus and set parameters in place, it compromises the safety of the equipment, operator, and those potentially within close proximity. In addition to safety concerns, the damage to the hydraulic system and its components can result in truck downtime to replace or fix the equipment.

This could be fairly extensive depending on the damage that has occurred. Consequently, the operator or owner could be looking at a high price tag to fix the equipment, which could have been avoided with a system protection device.

The SPD-2000 is a solution that allows operators to focus on the application with the assurance that their equipment is being protected.