How Quiet Is Quiet?

July 02, 2018
Whitney VanKlaveren

In the past, power take-off noise was not an issue or concern for work truck operators. Everyone used to accept that a work truck was a work truck, and work trucks were noisy. The truth – operators couldn’t hear the noise coming from the power take-off over the engine.

Today, engines and transmissions developed by manufacturers are more sophisticated and quiet. In fact, a diesel engine is now as quiet as a gas engine. For this reason, when the truck is idling, the gear rattle from the PTO generated by the engine’s torsional vibrations is audible.

As engines and transmissions have gotten quieter, the gear rattle has been compounded to a PTO issue. This has resulted in a call for power take-off manufacturers to find a solution for the gear rattle and a quiet PTO.

This white paper will explain and go over:
  • Why PTOs are noisy
  • What Muncie Power is doing about it
  • Our innovative PTO design
  • A direct noise comparison to other products on the market
  • An in-depth video explaining Muncie Power's new PTO