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Power Take-off Installation made Simple with Wire Harness for Ford Trucks

February 25, 2022
Kyle Beaty – Digital Marketing Specialist II


Long installation time.

Confusing instructions.

Splicing mismatched wires.

Constantly changing harnesses.


All of the above described a typical power take-off (PTO) installation on pre-2016 Ford trucks. At the time, whether it was a Muncie Power Products PTO or any of our competitors’ PTO being installed, the process to electrically connect a PTO to Ford’s connection created unnecessarily long installation times.

Up until 2016, the harnesses on both the Ford connection and the PTO connection required to be cut and spliced together by wire color. Ford installed a plug connection, however PTO manufacturers did not have a plug option to connect. This forced the installer to cut the Ford plug and splice and connect each wire.

Between the years of 2016–2019, there were also frequent changes made to the Ford wire harnesses. While the functionality remained consistent, the colors of each wire changed. This brought about no less than six different wire harnesses depending on the year. In some cases, it depended on the month of the chassis.

The harness installation continued to be a stress point for both installers and our Customer Service team.

Customer Service Manager Luke Hart had this to say about his experience during this time, “When the Ford wire harness changes started occurring, we, as the Customer Service team, were all thankful and reassured to have our Product Application team here to assist us with troubleshooting and ensuring successful installations for our customers.”

Muncie Power’s Product Application Specialists continue to be integral in making sure that installers both have the correct harness as well as accurate information to correctly install a wire harness for Ford applications.

Taking the feedback into consideration, in 2019 Muncie Power developed a plug and play harness that connected with the Ford harness, eliminating the need to cut wires on either end, and saving significant time during installation. This new harness was initially released with our F20 Series PTO for Super Duty trucks only. While the FR6Q Series PTO did not have the plug and play harness, the design was eventually carried over to accommodate 6-speed installations.

Since 2017 to today, all Super Duty trucks that have either the 6-speed 6R140 or the 10-speed 10R140 transmission feature the plug and play wire harness. Medium Duty F-650 and F-750 trucks that have the 6-speed 6R140 transmission still require installers to cut and splice harnesses and wires. Ford moved the harness plug to the kick panel, which led to the creation of a new harness that is no longer compatible with Muncie Power’s wire harness.

Keep in mind that the plug and play harness reduces risk of improperly connecting our wires with Ford’s, however, always remember to follow all Ford SEIC Enabler / Disable Conditions listed below.