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Last Modified Date: 5-23-2018

Below is the information for the cookies, Muncie Power Products places on your computer once visiting our site. If you would like to remove any or all of these cookies then go to our opt-out page.



Description Retention Period
Google Analytics
_ga, _utm*
Google Analytics provides non-personally
identifable information about users and how they
are interacting with our site.
14 months of inactivity

__hs*, hubspotutk, hsPagesViewedThisSession,

Hubspot is a marketing automation platform
we use to track users behaviors and actions.

365 days
Hotjar is used to track how visitors interact
with our site through heatmaps and
other tools.
365 days

Muncie Power Products
PHPSESSID, mpower_ci_session

Cookies Muncie Power Products sets to 
provide its users with website functionality.
365 days