Vacuum Pump
  • 82 Series Power Take-Off

    Built for high torque and heavy duty requirements, the 82 Series PTO features a lever or air shift cast iron housing and a single or dual optional hydraulic pump mount.

    Max Torque - 500 lbs.ft.
    Max HP (@1000 RPM) - 95 HP
    Weight - 85 lbs.

  • CS10, CS11 Series Power Take-Off

    Constructed with large gears, the CS10 Series PTO is built for heavy duty applications. The CS10 features a drag brake and an output shaft designed around popular hydraulic pumps. For a more compact installation, the CS11 is a remotely mounted solenoid option.

    Max Torque - 500 lbs.ft.
    Max HP (@1000 RPM) - 95 HP
    Weight - 68 lbs.

  • CS40, CS41 Series Power Take-Off

    When you need the max power from an Allison 3000 or 4000 and Caterpillar CX transmission, the CS40/41 Series power take-off delivers. Constructed with the widest gears possible, the CS40/41 is built for maximum strength, noise reduction, durability and the highest output torque rating available.

    Max Torque - 600 lbs.ft.
    Max HP (@1000 RPM) - 114 HP
    Weight - 69 lbs.

  • FR3C Series Power Take-off

    Muncie Power's FR3C power take-off gives you the maximum torque available from the Ford Torqshift transmission with a keyed shaft output.

    Max Torque - 237 lbs.ft.
    Max HP (@1000 RPM) - 45 HP